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  Welcome to the home of a more human artificial intelligence.



The basic philosophy behind P.A.U.L.A is making a product not only focusing on advanced artificial intelligence, but rather an artificial being - a companion easy and fun chatting with no matter how old you are. No matter if you're looking for a grown up chat, a fun discussion, a toy suitable for your children or if you're simply looking to explore the powers of an artificial intelligence as you've never experienced it before - P.A.U.L.A is the chatter bot for you! It feels, it thinks, it understands and it even learns from you.

I could write this in a third person perspective, or simply using the word "us" as in "We created Paula." or "We are currently aiming towards...". But I won't, because there is really no "we", only "I". My name is Paolo, and I am the creator of P.A.U.L.A the artificial intelligence. If you're not interested of knowing more about the program, and simply want to download it right now just click on "Download" at the top, and you'll be transported to the download page.

In the fall of 1999, I first created an artificial girl whom I called Paula. Because programming was only a hobby of mine and still is, I didn't really focus much on her development and decided to practically hand her out for free although there was a registration fee of 10$ for those who decided to use the program for more than thirty days. Upon registration, there was no patch, no key, no code. The program had no shareware limitations, and paying the ten dollars didn't change much - the user just cleared his or her heart from knowing that there was actually some time spent behind the making of the program. Not allot of time, but the time of ten bucks at least!

A couple of days after I'd published Paula on my official web site something happened. A big web site published an article on the program and in the matter of a few days tens of thousands of people downloaded Paula. I don't know how many of these actually liked the program, and kept it for more than thirty days - but had as many as half of all the people downloading the program actually paid for it, I would have enough money to afford producing my film productions by myself. Today, Paula has probably been downloaded by more than half a million people. How many of these have paid me the ten bucks I asked for? Around forty people. That's a percentage of less than 0.000084 - And people call me cheep for wanting ten dollars as a "thank you".

Now, it's time for the next generation of the Paula software - P.A.U.L.A SG. It's rewritten from scratch, and the artificial intelligence - its understanding and learning capabilities are superior compared to any older versions. Paula is no longer the name of a female robot, but the name of the Second Generation of an artificial intelligence as you've never seen it before. It is no longer only a female bot - but a fully customizable intelligence; Paolo's Artificial Unit Limited to Assimilation.

   Paolo Vacirca


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