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If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact the author! Although it might take time, I answer to all mail I get. And no, the picture of the girl in the application and on this site is not the author.

[email protected]

[email protected]


PAOLO Entertainment AB
Asarvegatan 22
620 12 HEMSE

+46 70 - 272 63 07
And should you by any chance want to contact "Paula", this is her e-mail address. However, the girl used for the modeling process might not have time answering all her fan mail:
Fan mail:
[email protected]


  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I contact the models used in the application (and on the web site)

A: As for the male, the author himself is modeling and can be contacted as described to your left. As for the female model, you could always try at the e-mail address on the bottom left hand side.

Q: Will P.A.U.L.A SG work on my Mac?

A: If you have an emulator, it might. However, it does not work under Mac OS.

Q: Can I stop her from cursing?

A: There is no 100% safe way of doing this, but there is a built in password protected filter which you can turn on and off.

Q: Can I "cyber" with P.A.U.L.A?

A: Yes. She is capable of simulating sexual excitement, and therefore capable of "cyber sex". She is mainly an A.I, but one can not make a human simulation if one does not include all sences to simulate. Ask her!

Q: Why can't she remember me?

A: Don't quit the application. Finish the conversation of as you would to a real human being, and she'll quit herself. That way she'll remember you.

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