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  Welcome to the home of a more human artificial intelligence.


Version 1.1 is now available for download, and apart from several bug fixes - the latest version also has some new features such as conversation logging and custom color schemes!


Welcome to the official web site of P.A.U.L.A, the artificial intelligence with a more human touch. In case you don't already know what this is all about - let me give you an explanation.

P.A.U.L.A stands for Paolo's Artificial Intelligence Limited to Assimilation. Several versions have been released the past four years under the name Paula, but none of them came close what what came to be called P.A.U.L.A SG - where SG stands for Second Generation. P.A.U.L.A SG is a thinking program, a program simulating the brain of a human being. And don't let the female sounding name make you believe that it is just a matter of an artificial woman. No, not at all. P.A.U.L.A SG is fully customizable and apart from the intelligence itself, P.A.U.L.A features several tools to make your virtual human being just the way you want it to be. Well, saying that it will be just the way you want it to be is perhaps not all true, because this A.I learns by itself. The personality has been formed by four years of chatting to hundreds of users and everything you say and do will result in P.A.U.L.A SG's mental development.

She thinks, she feels and she understands. And you even get the feeling of her seeing you. Because P.A.U.L.A comes with a fully graphical interface, including a web cam simulation where you see the virtual human live - laughing, crying, and thinking.

Download the free trial version, and try P.A.U.L.A SG out. To make sure you really know what you get should you decide to register, no features have been removed in the demo version. The only limitation you have is the time limit.

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Finally an update! (UPDATE)?
Finally P.A.U.L.A's brain update has been released. Although it's an enormous addition to the current brain, it's free of charge.
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P.A.U.L.A 1.1 has been released!
Some major bugs have been fixed, as well as some minor ones. For those that have already registered version SG1.0 will not need to register again. The old key will work.
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Pictures of P.A.U.L.A characters available for download!
Want to have the P.A.U.L.A guy or gal on your desktop, or maybe make a print and put it up on your wall at the office? No problem. Download the latest pictures for free!
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