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  Welcome to the home of a more human artificial intelligence.


This is the female version of P.A.U.L.A. Blond hair. Green eyes. Well, if you're familiar with P.A.U.L.A you've probably seen her before. Probably even had a chat!
This is the face of the male version of P.A.U.L.A.


More pictures will be available in a near future.

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Due to some human errors, this page has been off-line for almost two weeks. However, now it's finally working. Just click on the thumbnails to get the full thing. Feel free to download and use the pictures, as long as you agree to the following:

The pictures are copyrighted by Paolo Vacirca, and therefore international copyright laws apply to all the pictures on this site - including the downloadable ones on your left hand side.

You are free to distribute the pictures on-line as long as you keep them unmodified (P.A.U.L.A SG logo and the URL must remain intact as well as the rest of the picture). When using the pictures on your desktop and/or for personal use, you might of course remove the text yourself if you feel you want a "clean" picture.

And finally, use your common sense!

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