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  Try it before you buy it. All you need to know about registering can be found here:




Try it out before you buy it! Once you decide to register, it's as easy as clicking the mouse. Just click on "Buy it!" from within the application, and you'll connect to a secure server provided by eSellerate. They handle all the credit information, and you'll get a registration key the second the registration is completed. Could it be any easier?!



System requirements:

Should work on most somewhat modern PC:s with Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT
Download size is about 18 MB, and around 24 MB after installation.


- An Artificial Intelligence engine, simulating a human being. It learns, understands and feels. Emotions like happiness, anger, and even sexuality are just some of the simulations P.A.U.L.A can perform. You'll be amazed she's not real!

- Fully customizable. Change P.A.U.L.A's name, age, sex, learning rate. Tell her to stop cursing and protect this option with a password, to suit the whole family! *

- Fully graphical, including two faces - one male and one female - moving, blinking, laughing, crying etc. And an easy to use interface!

- Learning Tools making it easy to change what P.A.U.L.A knows fast. Found something "stupid"? Just click and change!

- Download new knowledge and make P.A.U.L.A know tons of new things, in the matter of seconds. Knowledge databases are available at this official web site soon!

And much more!


  Want to buy it?

Haven't yet downloaded P.A.U.L.A?

Try her out for free. If you decide to keep her, register within the application itself.

How to register?

1. Open the application.

2. Go to "Help" > "Buy it!"

3. Follow the on screen instructions.

That's it!

Do I have to register?

No. Use her for a maximum of thirty days - and if you're not happy, just delete her! It's a Shareware!

I have a question, can I contact you?

Sure! Go to the contact page.

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