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  Welcome to the home of a more human artificial intelligence.


It's time to download a brain update. All official updates are listed here. Follow the instructions to your right if you're not familiar with updating the brain of P.A.U.L.A.


PSGUpdate24dec.dat This is a huge update with thousands of new things for P.A.U.L.A to talk about.

(All files are the property of Paolo Vacirca. You may not use them for any other purpose than updating the P.A.U.L.A SG program)




Due to a tiny bug in the P.A.U.L.A application, you might get an "error code 52" when trying to update your program. This bug is fixed for the next version of P.A.U.L.A, but for now you'll have to open P.A.U.L.A from the actual application directory and not from the start menu or any shortcuts, before attempting to update the brain. The actual application directory is "C:\program files\p.a.u.l.a sg\" by default. Once the new knowledge is added, your program can be launched any way you want.

Instructions for installing the new bain:

1. Download the 'brain update file' by right clicking on the file of yours choice located to your left. Choose "Save as..." and then place it in your P.A.U.L.A directory (Usually C:\Program files\P.A.U.L.A SG)

2. Open the P.A.U.L.A application.

3. Go to TOOLS > Knowledge Updater.

4. In the list on your left hand side you should now see the file you just downloaded. Mark it by clicking on it, and then click on the big button to your right.

If everything goes well, the text below the big button should now say that everything was successful.

Everything you've taught P.A.U.L.A allready will remain. This is a knowledge update, not a replacement.

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